Meet Anita Swetman- Star Angel

Meet one of our Angels……  Anita Swetman, Star Angel  from Warwickshire, has been busy hosting Love Lava days.  Over the festive period Anita set up a seated spa area at several Christmas events in and around her village, performing the Lava Shot treatment.  The success has been outstanding with Anita gaining several new clients along the way.  When asked about her Lava Angel experience so far Anita said:
“Being able to visit celebs in their homes and glamorous VIP events has been a dream come true. I have used this exposure to really promote myself and build my reputation further; there have been articles in my local press which has now attracted new clients into my salon. Whenever I go into my local shops I always get smiles and people asking me who I am going to be massaging next? Makes me feel like a celeb myself and was great for boosting my confidence.
It has inspired me to host my own events in the community and to approach local businesses offering corporate massage under the           Lava Angel Branding.”
Anita offers a wide variety of treatments on her treatment menu including Relax, Rescue, Recovery & Therma Facial and will be training in Detox very soon.

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