Molten Lava Stones – FAQ

Molten Lava Stones



FAQ’s Answered by Shared Beauty Secrets MD, Clare Anderson

Hot stone heaters may be a thing of the past, but that doesn’t mean stone massage has to be.

Q: What are Molten Lava Stones?

Molten Lava Stones are the world’s first self-heating massage stone they offer an amazing warm and seamless massage experience relieving deep set tensions and soothing aches and pains – all without the use of electricity. A patented, natural, biodegradable heat technology is incorporated into the Molten Lava Stone which then emits heat for over an hour, allowing therapists to provide a continuous and seamless body massage.

Unlike black basalt stones used in traditional stone massage, the smooth and shiny porcelain Molten Lava Stones retain their heat for up to 60 minutes, allowing for more hands-on time with the client to create a completely relaxing, seamless massage experience. What’s more, Molten Lava Stones are non-porous, meaning they won’t absorb bacteria, massage oils or dead skin cells like other traditional basalt stones, which makes them more hygienic and easier to clean..

Perfect for all industry professionals and used by mobile therapists, salon and spas.

Q: What was it about Molten Lava Stones which excited you?

One of the biggest challenges faced by salons and spas with traditional stones is the cumbersome heater, with comes with disadvantages aesthetically, operationally and health and safety wise. Molten Lava Stones offer all the benefits of traditional stones but with the addition of being eco-friendly, portable and non-porous, 5-10 minutes heating time, minimal cleaning, turnaround time and the ability for therapists to deliver a seamless massage. As no heater is required, Health & Safety risks are minimised and Molten Lava Stones are perfect for a mobile therapist.

Q: What are the Porcelain Molten Lava Stones made from?

Each perfectly moulded stone is crafted from a blend of black lava rock, real seashells and porcelain for a durable and hygienic massage tool.

Q: How strong are the stones? Can I break them?

The Natural Molten Lava Stones are incredibly durable and can be used for deep pressure work without any worry of breakage. It is, however, possible for them to chip or break if dropped, but if handled with appropriate care they will last indefinitely.

Q: How do Molten Lava Stones work?

A sachet containing a blend of food grade minerals is placed inside the stone to which the activator, a saline solution, is added, causing an exothermic reaction. Once activated the stones take between 5 and 10 minutes to heat up and then continue to generate heat for over an hour. As the stone is used, it will naturally transfer heat to the body and cool; when set aside and rested it will begin increasing in temperature, giving the therapist full control and ability to create a totally bespoke treatment for every client.

Unlike traditional stones we NEVER place the stone on a clients skin due to the fact it will increase in temperature when resting.

Q: How long do Molten Lava Stones stay hot and how hot does it get?

Once activated a stone will stay warm for over an hour. Due to the shape and size of the stone we offer one heat temperate for use in the stones.

Mild Blend is the mildest heat; this is designed specifically to be used safely by anyone. This blend is contained within our Home Care Kit for clients to purchase. We also use this heat blend successfully in our Warming Back Massage, Lava Mama, Lava Wellness and in Lava Shell Therma Facial treatments. Temperature range when in use 31 – 46°C (88 – 115°F)

Q: Is there a cold option?

Yes, glacial charges are available to be used within the Molten Lava Stones to create a bespoke treatment of heat and cold.

Q: What treatments do you offer?

There are 3 core treatments:

  • a 25 minute back, neck and shoulder massage
  • a 55 minute fully body massage
  • a 75 minute body and face massage

Each of these treatments can be adapted to utilise glacial stones.

Q: What are the differences between Natural Molten Lava Stones and Traditional Hot Stones?

Molten Lava Stones have many unique qualities over hot stones, predominantly the continuous heat the stones emit for over an hour, thereby enabling the therapist to deliver a deeper, more relaxing treatment as they have continuous touch time with the client. Unlike traditional stones the temperature of the Molten Lava Stones stabilises as they are worked with and re-heat when rested, this means that the therapist is able to manage the temperature and offer a totally bespoke treatment to suit each and every client.

Crucially treatments are delivered using between 2 and 3 Molten Lava Stones so there is continuous touch throughout the complete treatment and no noisy clunking of stones when being selected from the heater.

The Molten Lava Stones take just 5 to 10 minutes to activate (heat up) allowing shorter lead time for bookings with minimal set up time. This enables therapists to up-sell a body massage to a Molten Lava Stone massage as well as being able to offer the treatments to walk-in clients. This is difficult to do with traditional stones as they require up to 45 minutes to heat prior to treatment, unless the stone heater is on all day they cannot compete with Molten Lava Stones.

Therapists need only use two stones for a back massage and three stones for a full body treatment, this increases the time spent massaging and there is less disruption for the client whist the appropriate traditional stone is sourced.

Molten Lava Stones offer health & safety advantages too, as shells are non-porous they do not absorb any bacteria, skin cells or oils so are very hygienic and this makes them very easy to clean taking only seconds. Back to back clients can be treated with Molten Lava Stones with no compromise to hygiene. Being light and portable they require little space, along with no electrical requirements, heaters or hot water, this makes them a great choice for mobile therapists and establishments where space is a premium.

Q: What kind of training is required to use Molten Lava Stones?

Molten Lava Stone treatments are only available from therapists who have completed and passed the Shared Beauty Secrets training. All therapists must hold an NVQ Level 3 or equivalent Body Massage qualification before attending training. If you are already trained in Lava Shells you do not need to attend an additional training course. As you already understand the heat management it is a simple to understand procedure to introduce Molten Lava Stones to your menu. We run courses for both Lava Shells and Molten Lava Stones.

Q: Tell me about the difference between Molten Lava Stones and Lava Shell Relax training.

All our training courses are available in venues across the UK and Ireland including at our head office in Bloxham. Our 1 day training courses cover both the theory and practice of using the shells for the particular treatment you are training in. You will work with the stones/shells and receive massage during the day. At the end of training you will take home with you a manual as well as any stock ordered, allowing you to complete your case study treatments.

Both courses start by training the theory and practice behind heat management. Lava Shells require more technical understanding of the higher heat so once you have completed our 1 day Lava Shell body treatment you can add Molten Lava Stones to your skill set by simply purchasing the stock.

If you only want to offer stones not shells, then you can complete our one day Molten Lava Stones course. Should you wish to add Lava Shells at a later date you will need to attend a second day of training.

The cost varies for a new opening, Molten Lava Stones will cost less than £250 to set up, including training for one person. Lava Shells is over £400.

Q: Why do I have to complete case studies?

Therapists new to Shared Beauty Secrets and not already trained in Lava Shell Massage are advised to carry out 2 case study treatments which gives you a chance to practice the skills learnt during your training day. We offer a video link for additional support following your training day and have members of staff available should you need to discuss anything.

Q: What happens after training, do you offer any additional support?

Yes, once you are a part of the Shared Beauty Secrets family a wealth of support is available to you. We initially send you information containing ideas and tips on how to promote Molten Lava Stone treatments in your business and links and a password to the complete range of bespoke marketing material. In addition, we offer our accounts:

  • A discount on further training if booked within 2 weeks
  • Regular emails with new documents, promotions and PR ideas
  • Salon incentives
  • Product and training offers

Specific support requests can be made to both our Head Office and training team. The office team are available 5 days a week for immediate response and most queries are quickly and easily dealt with. However, if you have more detailed training questions, our Executive Trainers will happily contact you directly to offer their skilled support.

Q: How much does training and opening stock cost?

Our opening package for Molten Lava Stones is under £250 which includes training for one person, 3 Molten Lava Stones, 18 Lava heat charges and promotional material. This is a really affordable way to introduce a new treatment to your menu or to replace your existing hot stone treatment.

Q: How do the Lava Shell and Molten Lava Stone treatments differ?

Aside from the difference in heat temperature and variety of moves the procedures differ slightly. The shape of the shells replicate the therapist’s hands to knuckle and petrissage therefore creating a more targeted massage whereas the therapist would use the flat surface and rounded edges of the Molten Lava Stones to deliver a deeply relaxing flowing massage.

Unlike Lava Shell treatments the Molten Lava Stone massage starts with the client lying face down and finishes on the front of the body with the neck and décolleté also allowing the face to be included in the 90 minute treatment. The temperature for Molten Lava Stones delivers a warming full body massage, perfect for clients that prefer a milder heat to our Lava Shell massage as they use medium and high. Also allowing it to be the preferred treatment for the summer months.