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Lava Shelfies

shell in water highNatural Lava Shells 

Natural Lava Shells are real hand-selected Tiger Clam shells from the Philippines, which are recycled to be used within our professional treatments. We also have alternative porcelain Lava Shell for the Lava Shell Homecare Kit.

Lava_Shells_FinalPorcelain Lava Shells

Porcelain Lava Shells are used within professional spa treatments as well as in the new Lava Shells Home Care Kit, the UK’s first “handy self-heating home care massage kit”.

Porcelain Lava Shells within the Lava Shell Homecare Kit are handcrafted using high quality porcelain and crushed shells. Each porcelain shell is hand painted, replicating the beautiful appearance of natural shells.

Clare Anderson Head Shot High Res (3)Clare Anderson, founder says:

These home use shells are excellent for self-massage, the heat helps relax the muscles quicker and the shape of the shell really helps target problem areas like tense shoulders. The warmth from the shell is very comforting and promotes extreme relaxation.  They can be applied directly to the skin but work equally well through clothing. They can also be used to massage a friend or partner; they help you give a really beneficial massage that leaves you feeling very calm and relaxed.

Benefits of Lava Shells

  • Continual heat which lasts for over an hour due to a natural exothermic reaction. Lava Shells stay hotter for longer than stones
  • Seamless massage of heat and touch with no loss of contact with the client
  • Deeper massage delivered due to the shells generating a continual heat
  • Shells enhance touch – the shell is hollow and therefore allows the therapist to be sensitive and pick up tension and tightness when massaging deep into muscle fibres.
  • The heat allows for deeper penetration into the muscles so therapists can provide clients with a more effective treatment while using less effort and energy
  • Hygienic – the tool is non-porous so it does not absorb oil, skin cells or bacteria
  • Back-to-back treatments can be offered in a busy salon or spa without compromising hygiene
  • Portable as no electricity or heater is required, reducing health & safety risks
  • 3 heat levels – high, medium and mild; allowing the therapist to offer bespoke treatments and deliver results based on the clients’ needs
  • Eco friendly – all ingredients are 100% natural, food-grade quality and can be disposed of in a food-waste bin or compost heap
  • Glacial Shells are also available to allow for the use of cold within treatments