New! Molten Lava Stones

Molten Lava Stones

Shared Beauty Secrets launches the
UK’s first self-heating stone massage

Hot stone heaters are a thing of the past, but that doesn’t mean stones have to be.

The convenience and innovation that has made Lava Shells® the most in-demand heated massage tool in the world is now available as a beautiful molten black stone! As the latest development from the industry experts at Shared Beauty Secrets who launched the celebrity favoured Lava Shell Massage, Molten Lava Stones offer an amazing warm and seamless massage experience relieving deep set tensions and soothing aches and pains – all without the use of electricity.

Each perfectly moulded stone is crafted from a blend of black lava rock, real seashells and porcelain for a durable and hygienic massage tool, without the need for external equipment, electricity or batteries. Unlike black basalt stones used in traditional stone massage, the smooth and shiny porcelain Molten Lava Stones retain their heat for up to 60 minutes, allowing for more hands-on time with the client to create a completely relaxing, seamless massage experience. What’s more, Molten Lava Stones are non-porous, meaning they won’t absorb bacteria, massage oils or dead skin cells like other traditional basalt stones. This makes them more hygienic and easier to clean, whilst able to withstand a great deal of pressure during the massage.

Molten LAVA StonesMolten Lava Stones are heated by placing a sachet containing a blend of food grade minerals inside the stone which is then activated with a saline solution causing an exothermic reaction. The self-heating Molten Lava Stones heat through in just 8-10 minutes to create a gentle warmth, perfect for destressing muscles and tired minds. Therapists will also be able to reap the benefits of the heat too, as muscles become much more pliable, allowing much deeper manipulation of the body. Using two to three Molten Lava Stones per treatment, the new hot stone therapy offers a seamless combination of heat and touch for an hour-long massage.

This wonderful new treatment is the newest offering from Shared Beauty Secrets, the owners of the much loved Lava Shell massage treatments, currently available for the face and body in over 2,000 leading spas and salons in the UK and Ireland.

Launching the Molten Lava Stones, Shared Beauty Secrets founder, Clare Anderson said “When we discovered our Lava Shells baby sister, Molten LAVA Stones, we just knew we had to launch them into the UK.  As the world’s first self-heating massage tool, Lava Shells really did revolutionise the operation of heated treatments for spas and salons nationwide and we’re now incredibly excited to be introducing the world’s first self-heating stones. Using the same biodegradable heat technology as Lava Shells, Molten LAVA Stones are environmentally friendly, hygienic, portable and ready for use in just 8 minutes. What’s more, you only need 3 stones to deliver a full body treatment. Being able to offer both Lava Shells and Molten LAVA Stones enables therapists to give their clients a choice of superior heated treatments which are truly holistic with incredible wellness benefits.”

This innovative new massage tool is available to all existing Lava Shell clients with immediate effect and to new clients on application for the stones and training package.

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