Pure Coconut Body Oil

Press Release – September 2015

Shared Beauty Secrets Launches 

Pure Coconut Body Oil

Coconut Body Oil From the palm fringed beaches of the Philippines, Shared Beauty Secrets, UK distributor of the successful Lava Shells treatments, announces an exciting new line of Wellness and Beauty Products, beginning with the launch of its Pure Coconut Body Oil.  This tropical treat – in its purest form is simply sensational:  virgin coconut oil – a natural oil that offers maximum hydration, long lasting nourishment and protection and is the ultimate indulgence for the skin.  As it is in its purest form it is suitable for even the most hypersensitive skins and safe to use in pregnancy. As the virgin of all coconut oils, it’s not surprising that the spa on Sir Richard Bronson’s Necker Island has already confirmed it will be using Shared Beauty Secrets Pure Coconut Body Oil in its massage treatments.

Pure coconut oil has recently become somewhat of a health and beauty phenomenon popular with many celebrities including Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie and Gisele Bundchen, boasting a range of benefits.  Shared Beauty Secrets’ pure coconut oil is the “Rolls Royce” amongst the oils available on the market today as it is virgin coconut oil which is considered to be superior to fractionated coconut oil for many reasons:  It has a longer shelf life, has a more distinctive aroma than other types of coconut oil – and it has the most natural therapeutic properties, without the addition of chemicals or a change in its properties, due to the extraction method used.  With Shared Beauty Secrets Pure Coconut Body Oil users can rest assured they will receive the purest of oil, not mass produced, but made by hand just as it has been done for hundreds of years. Staying true to the company’s  roots and sourcing products from the Philippines and using local people to produce the product, Shared Beauty Secrets can be sure that the best organic coconuts available are used in producing this Virgin Coconut Oil, and that no chemicals whatsoever are used in the growing or processing of the coconuts.

SBS_Logo_Transparent-BackgroundShared Beauty Secrets Pure Coconut Body Oil is an excellent massage medium.  It acts as a moisturiser on all types of skin, including hypersensitive and dry skin. This therefore makes it a safe solution for preventing and combatting dryness and is so safe it can even be used during pregnancy when many other choices are limited and can help to prevent stretch marks.  It is also said to delay the appearance of wrinkles and sagging of the skin which accompanies the ageing process.   Pure Coconut Body Oil can also be safely used on skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.

Shared Beauty Secrets indulgent Pure Coconut Body Oil is also excellent as a natural nutrient for hair.  Incorporated into a scalp massage this wonder-product is a sensational multi-tasker – a must have for any spa or salon!

Available in 250 ml pots, Shared Beauty Secrets Pure Coconut Body Oil costs £16.

To find out more about Shared Beauty Secrets Pure Coconut Body Oil visit www.sharedbeautysecrets.com or call 01295 235511

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