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Lava Shelfies

FAQs Answered by Shared Beauty Secrets MD, Clare Anderson

Q:  How do LAVA SHELLS work?

A sachet containing a blend of food grade minerals is placed inside the shell to which the activator, a saline solution, is added, causing an exothermic reaction.  Once activated the shells take between 5 and 10 minutes to heat up and then continue to generate heat for up to an hour.  As the shell is used, it will naturally transfer heat to the body and cool; when set aside and rested it will begin increasing in temperature, giving the therapist full control and ability to create a totally bespoke treatment for every client.

Q: How long do Lava Shells stay hot and how hot does it get?

Once activated a shell will stay warm for up to an hour. We offer 3 different temperatures of sachet:

Mild Blend is the mildest heat; this is designed specifically to be used safely by anyone. This blend is contained within our Lava Shells Self Heating Massage Kit for clients to purchase. We also use this heat blend in our Warming Back Massage and in Lava Shell Facial treatments.  Temperature range when in use 31 – 46°C (88 – 115°F).

Comfort Blend Medium Heat is the milder of the two comfort blends; the Medium Heat is ideal for 30 minute Back & Neck Massage treatments.  It can also be used for Full Body Massage where clients prefer a lower temperature (especially the elderly and/or people with sensitive skin). Temperature range when in use 36 – 48°C (97-118°F).

Comfort Blend High Heat is the stronger of the two comfort blends, the High Heat Blend heats quicker with a faster increase in temperature when rested, especially during the first 30 minutes.  Ideal for continuous use across large areas of the body and deep therapeutic work, the High Heat Blend is perfect for a Full Body Massage.  Temperature range when in use 38 – 49°C (100 -120°F).

How to prepare a Lava Shell

Step 1
Remove Lava Gel sachet from packaging and place inside the Lava Shell.

Step 2
Open Lava Activator package and pour contents into the Lava Shell.

Step 3
Place cap securely in the shell’s opening. Set Lava Shell aside and allow to heat and absorb the Activator for five minutes. You’re ready to feel the heat.

How to clean a Lava Shell

Step 1
Remove cap from Lava Shell.

Step 2
Remove the Lava Gel sachet from the shell. It should remove in one piece. If it tears, simply remove the rest and shake out any loose material or rinse inside with water. Dispose of sachet in the bin.

Step 3
Wash the outside of the shell with soap and water and rinse the interior under a tap. Dry and you’re done!


Once activated keep the shell moving and check the temperature before use. Wipe with a cold damp mitt to control the heat level or place in a shallow bowl of water for ten seconds to cool the shell with immediate effect.