Women in Business – An interview with Clare Anderson of Shared Beauty Secrets Ltd.

After the success of my Women in Business series last year I wanted to make sure that 2016 brought you another truck load of inspirational ladies!

Clare AndersonFirst up is Clare Anderson of Shared Beauty Secrets Ltd – the proud founder of the famous Lava Shells Massage. Since launching in 2009 the Lava Shells Massage has been highly sought after by celebrities, bloggers and beauty fanatics and has been dubbed by Vogue as the new “hot stones massage.”

Having trained over 5,000 therapists offering these self heating miracle shells as a therapeutic treatment in over 2,000 salons, I think you’d agree that Clare is someone any beauty fan should be in awe of…

So Clare, what inspired you to set up Shared Beauty Secrets?

I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and for many years had a successful career within the professional spa and beauty industry



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